[UX9] Sweet Theme LG G7 G8 V50 V60 Velvet

Hello, we bring you a new application for the upcoming valentine, theme designed with brown and pink colors representing chocolate and roses.

Link download: [UX9] Sweet Theme LG G7 G8 V50 V60 Velvet 
– Install themes from Play Store
– Download and install icons (Chocolate-White, Rose-Dark)
– Go to the tab Settings / Display / Wallpaper & Theme / Theme choose Sweet and apply the theme.
– To apply the icons go to the Settings / Display / Wallpaper & Theme / Icons tab and choose the appropriate icon depending on whether you are in dark or light mode

Theme supports light and dark modes. You have to switch the phone to a dark background (Settings / Display / Night mode and enable Use Dark mode)

Please note that this is an app for LG UX9 and UX9.1 and other LG phone devices running Android 10.

Answer me if you have a problem or error in my team with screenshot:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lgthemes
Email: thanhbinh10692@gmail.com


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