[UX8] LG UX 9.1 White LG V50 G8 V40 V30 V20 Pie

We designed based on LG UX9 interface developed for latest LG devices. Theme has modern interface is simple but very beautiful.
Please note that this app is a theme built for LG phones running on Android Pie with LG UX8 .  If your phone has been upgraded to Android 10, then your phone will run on UX9 and will not be compatible with this theme.

List of supported phones:
– G8 (Pie), G8S (Pie), G6
– V50 (Pie), V40, V30S, V30 +, V30, V20
– Q8 + (Cake)
– K50
– Stylo 5 (Pie)

This theme allow you to change the color of the navigation bar by selecting colors in the Settings / Display / Home touch buttons. And you can change the shape of the icons in the home screen in Settings / Display / Home screen / Icon shape.

Link download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lge.wsdeveloper.ux9.white

If you encounter any problems, please contact me directly instead of poor ratings. I will try my best to assist you with your issue. Give me feedback if you encounter problems or errors in my team with screenshots:

Email: thanhbinh10692 @ gmail



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